Worthy of Reverence

The inspiration for "Worthy of Reverence" is rooted in my early childhood. Religion was important to my immigrant parents and Biblical stories were often bedtime stories. More recently, I have been interested in the work of Biblical scholars and some of the revisionist views of the stories of Biblical women. Most notably is the story of Mary Magdalene who for centuries was believed to be a harlot saved by Jesus but is now thought to have been one of Christ's devoted followers and perhaps a trusted confidant and financial backer. Stories of Biblical women who are much less know are the focus of my project. Hagar was a surrogate mother for Sarah. Jacobed sacrificed for her son. Ruth and Orpah took care of their mother-in-law, Naomi. Judith and Jael defended their country and were pro-feminist heroines. Rizpah, a women of devout faith and great kindness, was an inspiration to other women. Deborah was revered and thought of as God's spokesman. Athaliah governed her country. The stories of these women are relevant to women today as we can see in their stories, our own lives or the lives of women we know and we can see that the experiences of these women are common to women of different eras.

All Images are 12" x 9". All images are: graphite and watercolor pencils on Strathmore Bristol.

Naomi, Ruth and Orpah